Still learning...

Computers frustrate me so there will always be something new for me to learn. Tonight my lesson was from my dear friend Brenda . And this quick post is just to see if I learned my lesson well. Hooray it worked!!! Thanks Brenda ...you're the best !!!

Also...I added a new link in the my galleries section since the Creating Keepsakes one I had there hasn't worked for a while now. I don't have too many pages uploaded there yet but I'll be gradually adding my favorites in there. Its a pretty cool slideshow that I'm really happy with the look of...check it out if you have a minute & let me know what you think....

Just a quick post tonight as I need to head to bed soon....have a great week everyone. And thanks again Brenda.


Unconditional love

I think that's what I'm going to have to use as a title if I scrapbook this photo...
It doesn't matter if you forget to play with them or scold them for being naughty...dogs love you unconditionally regardless. That's what I see when I look at this sweet photo. Is it any wonder they call dogs "mans best friend"?


please oh please, please, please...

...can I have some of your banana milkshake? I like banana's mom...really I do !!

oops..hang on while I catch my tail first...
ok I'm back....pleeeeeeese (maybe if I act a bit less interested she'll give me some)


It runs in the family...

Love of photography that is...

Meet Amanda...my gorgeous girl. She is spending her week traveling cross country to San Diego...

With her Navy pal Megan...
She sent me these pictures today from their stop in San Antonio. I really like this staircase photo a lot.

This one is lovely too...

But my favorite one is without a doubt this one.....Love this !!! So wish I was doing this road trip with her...but I'm glad she is having such a great time.


Who's a temptress now???

You know who you are don't you?

And for those who don't....let me explain...

I have this sweet friend who I have been sharing my love of all thing "Slice" with. She has refrained from purchasing it so far (better willpower than I apparently) but has told me I'm a temptress with all my raving etc about this fun little toy.

Jump forward a few days....she posts on her blog about this book and since we seem to like so many of the same things I decided to take a peek at it since I had a 50% off AC Moore burning a hole in my pocket. One look at the contents & I was sold. And you know what...if she hadn't reccomended this book I would have never given it a second look. Why you ask? Because I am not nor will I ever be a digital scrapper. I love paper too much & hate computers too much to ever make that change. But one look at this book & I realized how much I can learn from it. And I do use my computer for scrapbooking...I just will never do a whole page using just the computer. The sections on type & photos have so many fun things I'm dying to try. Love this book !!

So again I say....who's the temptress now my friend? (and I also say thanks for the great tip)

I also picked up this border punch that I can't wait to play with. I love anything with scallops these days.
Hope you are all having a great week.


Method Playground challenge

So the Method Playground blog (http://methodplayground.blogspot.com/) has posted a challenge for photo collage and after watching this site for quite some time I have decided to share this time instead of just observing. This is the photo collage layout I chose to share. I love these colors together, love that will my struggles with placement of multiple photos on layouts that this one came together pretty easy...but mostly I love that smiling face of my beautiful boy.

Green with envy

My daughter leaves Jacksonville Florida tomorrow morning after more than a year and a half of aircrew training for the Navy. She has one more 2 week survival training stint in San Diego (nope...not envious of that !) and then she heads north to Seattle (actually an island on Puget sound about an hour north of Seattle) where she will be stationed for a few years.

So why am I envious? Because she is traveling to both of these locations with her close friend by car and they are going to have such a great time spending 6 days traveling through Texas, New Mexico & Arizona & then again traveling north from San Diego to Seattle a couple of weeks later.

Yes greener than green with envy I am !!!


What I'm dreaming of.....

Every day !!!

Is anyone else craving a taste of spring & summer like I am? I'm sure I've shared some of these before, but thought they might be a nice reminder to all of us that winter is getting closer to coming to an end every day. Can't you just feel that warm sunshine on your skin looking at these?

Daylily love !! My favorite flower to collect....

each one as beautiful as the one before...

in any color you could want....
This one is one of my favorites..
Love the color of this flower too...

And this one will be coming your way soon Brenda...I have a bag full of these bulbs and plan to send you some for your gardens. They are more of a tropical plant so you won't need to dig them up the way I did...
Oh and what I wouldn't give to be sitting on this deck soaking up the sunshine. And since most of those trees beyond the deck (and the birdhouse that was a gift from my brother) are not there anymore due to the ice storm in December....it will be a very sunny deck this year.
Spring can't arrive quick enough for me!!!


Meet me

I saw this on Cosmo Cricket's blog and thought it might be fun to share on here as well. So here goes...25 random facts about me...

1) I graduated from hairdressing school but chose not to pursue that career because at the time I wasn't thrilled with the personality types working in that field (at least with the people I worked with at the time)

2) I'm very very afraid of bats...the 2 times I had them in my house may have played a large part in that fear.

3) I love Mexican food...the hotter the better

4) I was once a licensed high lift/fork lift operator....many years ago

5) I love to garden...but you'd never know it by looking at my house plants that I continually forget to water

6) I'm very independent...being a single mom for so many years has made me even more independent I think.

7) I hate violence....in my younger teen years I sometimes got hurt trying to break up fights. I still have a lump on my head 30 years later from my ex husbands elbow from one of those fights I tried to stop from happening.

8) I grew up traveling as a kid....we camped in most states east of the Mississippi...but Maine was the state we camped the most in. I still love to travel but prefer now to stay in hotels in a comfy bed rather than camping.

9) I've lost almost 15 lbs in the past few weeks...and I'm determined to keep at it till I get to where I want to be.

10) I have no use for dishonest people in my life

11) I also dislike drama......I'll go catch a movie if I want to see drama thank-you-very-much.

12) My favorite flowers are sunflowers & daylilies

13) My least favorite yard work chores are mowing the lawn & raking the lawn.

14) I'm determined to own at least one Corvette before I die

15) One of my favorite smells is the smell of freshly baked bread....tastes pretty good too !!!

16) One of my weaknesses is chocolate....I haven't had any for 3 weeks :(

17) I rarely drink...just an occasional drink if I'm out to dinner etc.

18) Not surprisingly...I have no patience for obnoxious drunks either.

19) I'm a night owl...If I didn't have to get up for work in the morning I'd probably stay up till 1, 2 or 3 am every night.

20) My favorite state I have ever visited is Wyoming...such a gorgeous place...need to get there again sometime.

21) For the first 12 years of my daughters life I was self employed with a dried floral business. I had a studio I worked out of in an old mill building...I miss that creative space that was all my own.

22) My worst personality trait (at least I think it is) is that I'm very impatient

23) I love to write and have always dreamed of writing a novel. I have even had a title & story in mind for years. I may just have to do it sometime...even if just for my own sense of accomplishment.

24) I listen to country music 99% of the time.

25) I talk a lot...some might say too much...lol. What can I say...I love people & being a single mom for so long without another adult in the house makes me all that much more starved for adult conversation.

So there you go...25 things you didn't know about me...and maybe didn't want to know...lol


Seven for Sunday

Seven favorite "Tanner" photos taken this week...

Sorry to bore you with more dog photos...there just isn't too much to photograph in the ugliness of late winter when all the snow is dirty & not so pretty anymore. No worries though in no time I'll be boring you with garden & flower photos..lol

Love this one taken during our walk yesterday. This dog spends probably at least 50% of our walks with his nose to the ground sniffing for critters.

Such a beautiful boy isn't he?

Two best buddies...

I think Tanner is a bit bored with Jake trying to hold him in place for photos...

These last few were taken with the continuous shooting mode on my camera while Jake & I played ball with him. They're a bit blurry bit I still like how they caught the action with Tanner & his favorite blue ball.

This one just cracks me up. Taken just before he grabbed the ball so it looks like he has a big blue clown nose.

Tag - you're it

My lovely friend Brenda http://brendaarnall.typepad.com/ has given me a challenge...and a fun one at that.

The rules - go to the place where I store my photos, chose the fourth folder and then the fourth photo in that folder, and post it with the story behind it.

Here you go Brenda...

This photo was taken last fall by my son during one of our hikes a few miles away from our house up Mt Wachusett http://www.wachusett.com/ He had decided to lay on the ground & take photos of the gorgeous colors of the trees above us & I couldn't resist poking my head into the photo & waving at him. It was a gorgeous fall day in the 70's....boy what I wouldn't give to be enjoying a day like that right now !

The final rule was to tag four others and challenge them to post their fourth photo out of the fourth folder. The only problem I have with that is that the only person other than Brenda that I know reads my blog regularly (because she leaves me such sweet comments) is Sonya http://picklespatch-sonya.blogspot.com/ And this lovely lady http://alteredtoperfection.blogspot.com/ was kind enough to leave a comment on my blog last week so if you are still visiting me I'll offer you both this challenge as well.

I know there are others who visit my blog from time to time beacuse of the live feed I've got installed. So my challenge to all of you is twofold.....1) try out this 4th folder 4th photo challenge & let me know when you post it so I can check it out. 2) Drop me a comment sometime & say hi...I'd love to get to know you. In creating this blog my main goal was to meet new people who shared my same love of scrapbooking & photography. I've met some really great people and been inspired by so many of you. But you can never have too many friends right?


Quick layout share

Hi all...jast a quick layout to share before I head to bed. Not much else to say tonight...I'm dead tired & my brain is shutting down. Hope you are all having a good weekend.