The dog days of summer...

Wow...I can't believe it has been so many weeks since I have posted on here. Does anyone read this anymore I wonder??? Ah well...I love to talk so I'll just ramble on anyway...

Summer has come & gone & the crisp fall days are apon us. Summer was so great this year. We started it with the best vacation ever. The rest was just filled with days of hanging out at home, cookouts and swimming.

It was a very hot summer here so many nights after work we would take the short ride up the road to Comet Pond.

Pretty isn't it? Tanner has always loved the water but was always to nervous to go deep enough to learn to swim.

That changed this year though. After a lot of gentle coaxing bringing him a little deeper each try...he finally decided he did know how to swim and that he loved it. There was nothing this dog loved more this summer than fetching sticks we threw into the lake for him.
I always knew he was a true water dog...we just needed to convince him.
Love this picture of him enjoying the view...
When we weren't swimming Tanner was a great gardening companion. He loves hanging out on the rocks in the front rock garden. And I love having him to keep me company while I work pulling weeds etc.
I think that he thinks he's king of the hill,,,,
And he is quite a ham for the camera isn't he?
The best photo of all......such a handsome dog !!! Love this boy sooooo much !!!


Sonya said...

Hi there...waving from Duntroon...I still read your lovely blog.
Your rock garden is gorgeous by the way, and I always love your photos. Our days are warming up as yours are cooling down.
Take care ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, people still read. Seeing bits of fall here and they reminded us of sharing some fall with you not too long ago. Enjoy every moment of this beautiful season.
Great pictures of Tanner and his surroundings.
Love to all!
Cousin J and Cousin V