Washington 2010 - Part 3

Prepare to be amazed...because on our venture to the Northern Cascades National Park the scenery was nothing short of AMAZING !!! What a gorgeous gorgeous area !!!

Take this picture for example....Rainy Lake was one of the hikes we took in the Cascades. And when we came upon this beautiful lake we knew we had made the right choice in choosing this hike. Snow capped mountains, crystal clear water and blue skies & sunshine. Amazing !

Here's a picture of all of us that shows more of the view we enjoyed. If you look close you can see a few waterfalls behind us.
And speaking of waterfalls...they were everywhere. This pretty one Jake is sitting in front of was one that was along side of the road that we stopped to enjoy.
This pretty view was along a riverside trail we meandered down in a cute Scandinavian style town called Leavenworth.
And Diablo Lake another gorgeous spot. The glacial lakes were the most beautiful shade of blue-green. This photo does not do the water justice.
My dear friend Liz took this great photo Amanda, Jake & I. I love this photo so much. Love that we're not all looking the same direction, love that we surrounded by clouds and a gorgeous vista...and love how happy we all are.
We took hundreds of photos in the Cascades...but these are a few of my favorites

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