Plants on steroids?

This years has beeen such a great year for my gardens. Just enough rain & sunshine....and it shows in how healthy everything is growing this year. Tanner was not very happy to be left inside while I walked around taking photos. Can you see him peeking out the front window at me?

After the long cold winters we get here it makes me so happy to see everything begin to bloom..
Some of the plants I have had a while are so beautiful this year. Not even sure what this plant is but there are 2 large clumps of it this year & the magenta flowers on it are are so pretty.
The yellow Evening Primrose with the pretty pink bell shaped flowers of this Campanula look so nice together.
Aren't these flowers gorgeous?
This climbing rose is new this year. I planted it next to the arbor Amanda gave me last year for Mothers day. This is not the best picture but it really is a pretty rose. It's called Night Owl.
This daylily is new too. A Wal Mart special. I love the 2 toned bloom but I have to laugh because when I bought the package at Wal Mart with the bare root plants in it the photo on the bag showed a 2 toned flower...but it was dark & light pink. No pink in this flower though is there? I still like it though.
The heathiest growth in the garden this year by far is the Hosta's. They are gorgeous. These large green ones are particularly beautiful.
And this beauty (Gold Standard) is 3 times the size it was last year. Love it !!
This yellow green monster is still one of my favorites though. (Sun and Substance) Look at the size of those leaves. And the plant itself is almost as big as the double front window. And there is Tanner...still peeking out at me wishing he could come out to play.

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