bored...so I'm copying...

Saw this on a blog I follow & I thought I'd post it on mine too since I'm kind of bored...

Listening: To the dog snoring
Eating: Nothing...still full from dinner
Drinking: Diet Coke
Wearing: Shorts & a tank
Feeling: Bored
Weather: Nice right now...was pretty hot earlier though
Wanting: This week to be over quick so I can start my vacation
Thinking: Life is too short to waste on people who try to bring you down...especially the ones who pretend to be a friend.
Enjoying: How good it feels to weed the pretend friends out of your life. It is the most freeing feeling imaginable. Life is truly good.
Wondering: How much my pup will miss me when I'm gone for 2 weeks. I miss him already...but I have to admit it will be nice to have 2 weeks of dog free time off.

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Sonya said...

Love it Donna! ;-)